Threes and Fours Programs five day schedule:
Basic Program - 9:00am to 1:30pm
Optional Extension to All Day  - 8:00am to 5:30pm

Our Threes and Fours programs focus more on academics than the Twos program, as well as the creative, moral and physical development of our children.  Through both play and structured activities the children acquire the requisite skills for higher learning and beyond.  Their communication and language skills are facilitated through both small and large group activities.  

Language Arts


Phonemic awareness is fostered through the use of the “Fundations” language program and our kinesthetic approach to learning. Each week our many projects and activities focus upon a special letter and its sound.

Each letter is accompanied by a puppet and song facilitating the sound symbol connection. A cooking project, taken home and enjoyed by the entire family, is also a weekly favorite. Creative Writing is addressed weekly in our weekend journal.

Recognizable art corresponding to each journal entry is initially facilitated by a teacher. Our Choice Time and Science projects also correspond to our special letter each week. Children learn in a language-enriched environment. Each classroom has its own wide range of books. Teachers read selected literature to their classes daily.


Numeration is taught through the use of the “Stern Math” program involving a practical approach to early math concepts and an application rich curriculum, including:

  • One to one correspondence
  • More and less
  • Patterning
  • Graphing
  • Beginning addition and subtraction through number stories
  • Estimating

Cultural Arts

Through our Cultural Arts program children travel to five different countries each year. They acquire knowledge of each country’s geography, ecosystem, culture, customs, language and cuisine in relation to the world and themselves.

World Languages

Conversational Spanish is taught through an interactive curriculum using songs, stories and props.


Hand Writing

Hand Writing and fine motor strength are addressed each day through developmentally appropriate hand writing programs that include “Fundations", Handwriting Without Tears and Box Dot. Individual growth is assessed frequently and changes made to each child’s program when determined to be appropriate.

The Arts

Art, Music and Drama are important elements of education. Students draw, paint and sculpt. They are introduced to a wide variety of artists and musicians, techniques, instruments and sounds.

They learn to perform in groups, sometimes making their own instruments. Our students act in classroom plays as well as create and perform in our bi-annual all school productions.

Physical Education

We play outside multiple times per day, weather permitting, throughout the year.  We believe strongly in the importance of outdoor physical activity, and that children need periodic breaks from curriculum and organized activities so they can explore and socialize freely.