"Over the years, Fairfield Country Day School has been lucky enough to have students from Three Four Open the Door join us regularly. We have found these students to be very well prepared both academically and developmentally. It is obvious that the children have been in an environment where they are able to play and be children, but also be exposed, when they are ready, to academic pre-skills that serve them very well indeed."

-Chrisitan G. Sullivan, Former Headmaster Fairfield Country Day School

"Our girls were well prepared for kindergarten. The curriculum was amazing. It showed us how capable children are to learn when given the right tools, small class size, and low ratio. Our girls went into kindergarten with great confidence, started them off on the right foot, with the right attitude and a passion to learn."

-C.G., Westport

"'3,4 Open the Door' also provides a true learning environment. It is obvious from Molly's advancement in the past year that this program is helping to teach her social skills, motor skills and basic educational skills such as number and letter recognition and writing. Athletic and outdoor activities are also a big part of the day with a terrific organized outdoor area for children to play and gain confidence in their abilities."

-S.R., Westport

"The fact that Zachary cannot wait to go to school in the morning and always comes home with a smile on his face speaks for itself for Cyndi and the wonderful program she has created."

-K.B., Westport

"The evidence of Cyndi's commitment to each child's development is everywhere: the two hour parent-teacher conferences she holds at the beginning of each school year, the special class trips, the incredible art projects, the 'kindness' caterpillar to promote consideration among the students, the holiday sing-a-long, the year-end graduation ceremony, and numerous others. It is clear to anyone who knows her that this is her avocation."

M.P., Westport

"3,4 Open The Door is not only a wonderful learning environment, but it is also a place where Megan is developing social skills. She is learning cooperation, sharing and listening."

-L.W., Weston

"The confidence and interaction skills my son is naturally gaining have been enhanced through his 'schooling' at 3-4 Open the Door. I can say, as an observer only, that all the children at 3-4 Open The Door seem to enjoy the program as much as my son does. As a working mother, by choice, I can't ask for more than the comfort of knowing my son is receiving the best care in the absence of our family environment."

-C.B., Westport

"3,4 Open The Door represents everything right in a pre-school: a child-friendly facility, solid academic programs, and a warm, nurturing, safe environment with caring and capable teachers."

-J.M., Wilton

"The greatest testament to Three, Four Open the Door is the dramatic change in my child since she began her program in September. When my daughter began, she was an extremely shy almost introverted child. Under Cyndi's compassionate and nurturing care and those of her teachers, my daughter has grown into a confident, happy and social child who looks forward to going to school each day. I will forever be grateful to all of them."

-S.N., Westport