Here at 3,4 we are a close-knit community that thrives because we all have a passion for taking part in a child’s development.  We strive each day to create a warm, family environment for the children, and to ensure that they feel our nurturing spirit.  Every one of our teachers comes to know each of our children over the first weeks of their enrollment, regardless of which program they’re in, and likewise every child becomes comfortable with each of our teachers in that same timeframe.      

 With such a large emphasis today on technology and its use to stay connected to the world, we emphasize actual human socialization for our young ones.  We believe, first and foremost, that children should interact with each other, learn to cooperate, and build meaningful relationships that last beyond their time here with us.  

 No other program in our area invests as much passion or resources in its children as we do.  We are dedicated to providing a stimulating experience each day, and our completely unique  curriculum, developed over years of experience working with little ones and colleagues in education, is unmatched in its dynamism and creativity. We are constantly refreshing our curriculum and evolving our projects to keep them interesting and challenging for each of our age groups.  

 At 3,4 we promote learning through observation and experimentation.  Our large playground, for instance, allows our children to safely explore and test their physical boundaries, providing both structure and the means to freely create their own games and role-playing situations.  In the classroom, we engage our children with a multitude of hands-on sensory activities that are stimulating and cater to their natural curiosity.  

 Our goals are to nurture, encourage creativity and experimentation, help build relationships, and provide a completely stimulating experience each and every day.