Cyndi Zeoli, Founder & Director

A Connecticut native, Cyndi was born in Stamford and raised in Fairfield.  She currently resides in Westport with her husband, Michael.  They have two children, five grandchildren and counting!

Cyndi always aspired to have her own preschool where she could implement her unique philosophy. As her own children approached school age she pursued that ambition by taking a position in the Westport Public Schools, working with younger elementary school children. Her experience included extensive work with children on the Autism spectrum.

After five years Cyndi left the public school system, taking with her the knowledge of both typical and atypical child development, as well as many strategies to enrich a young child’s education that she used to develop her own curriculum.

In 1994, with her unique methodology, Cyndi opened 3,4 Open The Door, a preschool program for three, four and five year old children. Over the course of the past twenty three years 3,4 has earned a reputation as a highly regarded preschool and kindergarten in the community.  

Cyndi’s involvement with and knowledge of each child enrolled in 3,4, and her innate ability to tailor her preschool program to each child’s individual needs sets it apart from other schools.

Over the past twenty five years the public school systems in the adjoining towns have become very familiar with the local preschools and their different philosophies. Realizing that children from 3,4 come to kindergarten and first grade very well prepared, Cyndi has been asked to lecture at a number of elementary schools in the area regarding her methodology and its practical application.

She has also been asked to consult with other area preschools concerning her methodology. Cyndi has even received an award of excellence for her inclusion efforts.

In 2008, 3,4 introduced a Twos program using the same philosophy Cyndi has developed over the course of her teaching career, tailored to gradually introduce a more structured daily program of some academics and enhanced socialization to two year olds.  

As soon as children are welcomed to 3,4, the goal is to convey a sense of welcoming warmth, emanating first and foremost from Cyndi and disseminated throughout the staff. All of our children are given lots of individual attention and encouraged though not pushed to achieve milestones as they discover the world they live in and see others around them doing the same.      

Sensory integration, social/play skills, fine and gross motor and cognitive developments are part of the everyday experience at 3,4. Academics are taught using a combination of our own practical philosophy, and an exceptionally creative program designed to stimulate each child’s curiosity and creativity, and to enhance their self-esteem. Our children learn the importance of their role in creating a cooperative and intimate school community.