Q. What are your class sizes?
A. Our 2s Program is capped at eight children, and our 3s, 4s and Fives/Kindergarten are all capped at thirteen children.

Q. What is your teacher-student ratio?
A. In all of our programs a minimum of one teacher for every six children.

Q. Do you have a policy for children with food and other allergies?
A. We take great effort to accommodate children with allergies.  We are not a nut free school, for instance, but our entire staff is made aware of any and all allergies the children have, as well as how to deal with any incidents that may occur. 

Q. When do you take registration for enrollment?
A. 3,4 enrolls students on an ongoing basis, but it is recommended you inquire at least one year in advance of anticipated enrollment.

Q. Is the school play-based or curriculum-based?
A. All of the programs for respective age groups are comprised of curriculum tailored to their developmental needs to ensure an enriching experience. Please see the web page associated with each program we offer for specific information on curriculum and daily activities.

Q. Are meals or snacks provided by the school?
A. Children are required to have their meals and snacks provided by their parent or guardian. We do have a pizza day every Wednesday in which we have pizza delivered for all children who have signed up for it. Additionally, we do lots of projects involving cooking and learning about food, but they are not considered meal supplements. 

Q. Does my child have to be potty trained by a certain age to enroll?
A. We do not require children to be potty trained except in our Fives/Kindergarten Program.  Once you have begun the process at home, we will do our part here at school to assist the children in becoming potty trained.  

Q. Do you take field trips or activities off premises?
A. Yes, we have field trips on average twice a year, and we also have seasonal shows in which the children perform songs in front of parents and friends. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend field trips and shows.  Rather than have more frequent field trips outside of school, we regularly bring art, music, science, drama and gym instructors to us! 

Q. Are you closed on holidays and public school vacations?
A. We observe Federal holidays and some religious holidays, and our breaks tend to match the dates of the Westport Public schools, but please refer to our annual calendar for further details.  

Q. What about school closings or delays due to snow or weather related issues?
A. We use our discretion when it comes to weather-related issues and post any delays or cancellation on our voice mail system prior to opening.  In general we follow the determination of the Westport Public Schools but do our best to accommodate working families.   

Q. Do you have to attend 3,4 during the school year in order to attend the summer programs?
A. No, Summer Programs are open to anyone!